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LAN LOCK - Ethernet Disconnect Device (Pre-Order Soon)

LAN LOCK - Ethernet Disconnect Device (Pre-Order Soon)

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LAN LOCK™ is an Industrial Ethernet Disconnect Device that allows you to securely isolate machines from remote VPN access, plant networks, and programming ports, etc.

Designed to be controlled via a 24VDC signal from any output device of your choice, such as an HMI, PLC, relay, or switch, it includes digital feedback for enhanced functionality. Engineered for high-performance environments, LAN LOCK™ ensures seamless integration and robust security for industrial automation networks.

Key Features

  • Ethernet Disconnect Device
  • Operable via 24VDC digital signal
  • Dry contact feedback
  • Green Activation Status LED
  • Mounts to Standard 35mm DIN Rail
  • 100 Mbps Full Duplex
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